Alpha Centauri A
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I used this star for my planet Valles-Maria-Montes or Valmaria from Myth of the Malthians. Although it plays a small part in the story it is where one of the main characters hails from.

Do you believe in Elementals?
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My beta reader for The Liminal Key, my fantasy romance novel, asked me this question.

Do you believe in Elementals?

Elves, brownies, sprites, angels, etc., etc..

My answer was yes and no. I'm a skeptic and I like to reason but I also believe in God and Angels; therefore I should have no problem making the leap to imaginary creatures.

I recently threw out a twenty year old bag of unmatched socks and am currently accumulating another round of unmatched socks. Where do they go? Do the sprites steal them? :D There must be a scientific explanation. I've never seen a ghost but I do think some houses are creepy and some are sad. I often go with my gut.

Are you plagued by little sprites that steal your socks and move your things around?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Do you think you've ever been abducted by aliens?

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Myth of the Malthians accepted at Gypsy Shadow Publishing
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I won the second picture prompt contest at Gypsy Shadow Publishing here:

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Grantville Gazette
Qbear yipee

Open for submissions through Baen's slush.

"Dear Lucky Agent Contest": Fantasy and Sci-Fi
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Writers Digest
Dear Lucky Agent Contest

New Wave Folk Metal
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I was looking up music for my Elf novel and I found New Wave Folk Metal, aka Pagan Metal, and one of my favorite instruments, the hurdy gurdy! I'm in seventh heaven.

I'm going to start with this band. Some of their "lyrics are in Gaulish". Check out Eluveitie.

While doing research I also found the Ragnarok Pagan Metal Festival for 2010:

Zombie Bouillabaisse is up at Macabre Cadaver
I'd like to announce that my fabulous feghoot, Zombie Bouillabaisse, has found a home at Macabre Cadaver Magazine:

Woo Hoo! *dances*

And if enough readers like it, it may find a home in one the anthologies! :D

Attack of the Sugar Doll Blogger Award
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I was tagged by safewrite and I bit. Meme optional. I'm tagging five others but you don't have to retag:D

Here are mine:

1) When I was three and learning how to read I had an imaginary friend I called Mr. Bubbleman because he was made out of bubbles.

2) When I was learning the names of things my favorite color from the crayon box was red but I thought it should have a prettier name and was very upset that pink had a better name than red, now formally renamed rufescent or rufescence.

3) I have a high brown belt in TaeKwonDo and can break wood with my hands. Fist and knife hand. I have some awards from that. Me and the father unit used to watch all those dubbed Kung Fu movies. Never thought I'd actually try it in real life.

4) I played tenor and soprano recorder for the Early Music Consortium for Miami-Dade Community College south campus for two years. I can sight read.

5) I could ride a 3 speed bicycle when I was still in kindergarten.

6) I wrote a dinosaur/teen story when I was in 7th grade.

7) I'm obsessed with dinosaurs, dogs, potato chips and prehistorical things. Not always in that order.

8) Before Stubby died from cancer I was walking three large dogs simultaneously, which makes me eccentric.

9) When it was Sunday, clean the house day, I'd hide in the basement and sleep. if I couldn't go there I'd hide under a bed. When I was sure all the cleaning was done I'd come out and my mom would ask why I had dust caterpillars on my head. That was pretty much all the cleaning I ever did.

10) My friends and I, who were on the high school newspaper, made a two page science fiction magazine called The Wallpaper. We had one run.

I would have nominated Marshall, but he did it so well and irreverently already.

Here are the five people I nominate to post ten unusual things about yourself.


Snowed in
scratching my head

Car snowhawks



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